Bathtub Repair

A broken tub can be an unpleasant thing to experience, especially if that bathtub is still fairly new. Sometimes during shipping the package might be handled without care, and when it’s delivered to your home you may find that some parts of the tub or even the tub itself has been damaged in the process. A broken tub may also be the result of years and years of neglect and this is the case especially in older houses. Years that go by also takes its toll on the durability of the materials of which the tub is made.

Repairing your tub is essential as it may lead to a number of negative consequences. Not only is it an eyesore for those who might use the bathroom, but it can also lead to health risks, such as the possibility to Hepatitis C. Bacteria that breed in small spaces may multiply inside the cracks or chips of your bathtub, and constant exposure to it might lead to the exposure of these harmful germs.

Bathtub repairs are usually quick and easy, and they take up very little time or money. It’s definitely a cheaper option compared to the alternative solution which would be to buy a brand new tub. When opting for this, you’ll have to spend unnecessary money on the tub itself as well as a qualified plumber to install it for you. You can also buy DIY repair kits, but this is not an advisable option. It’s difficult to find the right quality repairing kit, and it’s even more difficult for you to find a colour that will be exactly the same as the tub you have at home.

Almost any type of bathtub can be repaired, but the most common types to undergo repairing would be porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, or marble tubs. Even though these tubs are all very different in the materials that they are made of, they are all prone to damages at some point. The main goal is for all of them to last you a few years more when you do decide to repair them.

When a bathtub is repaired the tub is cleaned out first to make sure that any debris or dirt is removed from the surface. The chip or crack is then located and carefully filled with special waterproof filler in order to keep it dry when the bath is ready for use again. This filler is usually a polyester type material and it’s important that it’s placed precisely in the crack or chip. After it has been filled, the damaged area is then sanded down in order to create a smooth finish before applying an acrylic coating. This coating is applied with a brush and paves the way for another enamel coating that will be blended in with the rest of the tub. The damaged area will be repaired so well that the fill won’t even be noticed when looking at it.

As soon as this is done, the tub is then ready for use again.

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