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refinished bathtub & tileThe replacement process can be quite expensive and can take a long time to finish. Just replacing your old tub can cause severe damage not only to your budget but also to your home. You don’t need to suffer with an old dilapidated bathtub when the Tub Team in Elmhurst NY can give you superior bathroom refinishing at a price that will not break your bank. You are sure to get a tub that looks sparkly brand new for 75% less cost and hassle when you call on us. We can assure that you’ll enjoy your long baths more when you know you saved a lot of money letting us do the work for you.

Some remodeling companies won’t tell you a lot of things and one of them is the advantage of bathtub refinishing instead of a complete replacement or renovation. We want you to save money by choosing the simpler and more effective solution to damaged bathtubs.

Benefits of resurfacing in Elmhurst NY:

· You see the results faster
· More savings up to 75%
· Maximize your tub’s usage for as long as 12 to 15 years more
· Less hassle and almost no mess to clean up compared to demolishing jobs

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Let the experts handle these common problems:

  • Slimy grout lines infested with molds
  • Unattractive paint color or the lack of it
  • Cracked tiles and laminate seams that may be safety hazards
  • Longer working hours spent which translates to more hassle for property owner
  • Pricey renovation costs
  • Marks and irremovable stains on your tub

Reglazed porcelain Tub & tile surround

The Solution is Affordable Bathtub Reglazing in Elmhurst NY

From chipped to smooth, from cracked to shiny, that is how we transform old bathtubs to brand new looking ones through reglazing. The reglazing process only takes a couple of hours and a small reasonable price to make your tub looking good again. No need to suffer for weeks or months not being able to use your bathroom due to unending renovation. Re-glazing can be made for your bathtub in case you would want to create an impressively designed bathroom. We can simply do a reglazing process which only takes a few hours. The reglazing process consists of a meticulous cleaning process to remove soap scum, mineral deposits and body oils, repair of cracks and chips, application of an effective bonding agent to bind the new finish from the old one, and finally the application of acrylic coating which will laminate the surface and provide for a longer-lasting smooth finish. The cleaning procedure removes various deposits from body washing and dirt. Visible damages are patched up to complete the structural restoration process.

Talk to us and we’ll let you know how we can give your tub that smooth feel that you haven’t felt in a long time.
Professional Bathroom Refinishers at Your Service

Bathtub Pros is committed to achieving the highest rate of customer satisfaction. We have only been getting good feedback from our loyal customers who speak highly of our services. Our team’s expertise partnered with the quality materials that we use is the perfect combination for an end product that you can easily show off to your guests. We take the time to even out the external coating of the final finish by meticulous buffing and polishing procedures. We can guarantee that we are always working towards your satisfaction. We believe that the materials are only as good as the people who install them, so we ensure that together with our high grade products, we have the best people to carry out the job.


Resurfaced fiberglass Bath tub & wall surroundDurability of Refurbishing...

We do quality refinishing, reglazing and repair so you can maximize your tub and get the full value of your money and more. A careful selection of your cleaning materials can definitely ensure the new life of your bath tub and help improve the environment at the same time. We stand by our work and because you are a valued customer we can give you 100% lifetime warranty. Our satisfied clients have voluntarily given us their testimonials and feedback to stand beside our promise of quality service. Our dedication to quality and service is apparent in all our dealings and services. Don’t think twice and call us now for a free quote. Just apply proper care and follow manufacturers’ guidelines in maintaining your tub and we can guarantee that you will be able to maximize its use up to its full extent. What we do does not give us the title of professionals; it is what we do beyond our promises that make us the most trusted team in this industry.

Give us a call and we’ll make sure to hear out your requests and deliver exactly what you need. We provide timely service and we will do our best to accommodate you in our schedule as soon as we receive your request. Save time and money through bathtub refurbishing! At Bathtub Pros, we are all about customer satisfaction.

We’ll help you save up to 75% with refinishing instead of replacing. For a no obligation-free quote, give us a call and our friendly sales staff will give you the best recommendations and pricing available.

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