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refinished bathtub & tile in Brooklyn NY

You don’t need to suffer with an old dilapidated bathtub when the Tub Team can give you superior bathroom refinishing in Brooklyn NY at a price that will not break your bank. Instead of going through the trouble of demolishing and renovating your bathroom because your bathtub looks shabby, faded and broken-down, we recommend our refinishing services for less hassle and more savings. Don’t just throw out and replace your unattractive and broken tub, with professional refinishing from the Tub Team, you save time and money plus a longer lifespan for your tub.

We refinish worn out, stained, discolored, chipped and damaged tubs as a better substitute to costly renovations or remodeling jobs. If your bathtub is still working, it can be exceptionally suitable for a bathtub refinishing that does not even cost half of what you’ll spend if you get a replacement. Refinishing costs only a quarter of the renovation costs and takes only days compared to weeks or months of renovation. Here at the Tub Team, our customers are our priority and we want you to get the best value for your money. Do not get fooled by companies who will promise you an exceptional bathtub refinishing but end up doing a poor job.

Benefits of Refurbishing

  • You spend about a quarter of the total replacement or renovation cost
  • Longer lifespan of your tub for an additional 12 to 15 years
  • Less wastage of a usable tub that is just slightly bad
  • You can use your bathroom sooner than when you are getting a replacement
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Our Bathroom Refinishing Solves All These Problems:

  • Moldy and dirty grout lines and tile cracks
  • Stains and marks that cannot be removed
  • Lack of time to spend doing or looking over the renovation
  • Unsafe and damaged tiles and tub
  • Incompatible bathtub color coordination with bathroom
  • Expensive renovation costs
  • Faded paint and discolored tub

Reglazed porcelain Tub & tile surround in Brookly NY

The Solution is Affordable Bathtub Reglazing Brooklyn NY

We can simply do a reglazing process which only takes a few hours. The cleaning procedure removes various deposits from body washing and dirt. Visible damages are patched up to complete the structural restoration process. The state-of-the-art process can produce the kind of look you want to give your tub in just a few hours. A complete renovation can take weeks or months while reglazing only takes hours. You’ll never believe how smooth and fine your tub will look like after being reglazed. The process consists of a special two-step procedure to clean and restore commonly used bathtub materials.

Call us now for more information about how you can make your bathroom look brand new with a simple refinishing in Brookly NY.

Professional Bathroom Refinishers at Your Service

Resurfaced fiberglass Bath tub & wall surround in Brookly NYWe can guarantee outstanding bathtub finishing at all times. Our team of experts are all experienced refinishers who have been in the industry long enough to know about everything under the tub. We have serviced hundreds of homes and refinished more bathrooms than we can count and our customers can only attest to exceptional standards of workmanship. By taking time to reach a standard finish, we are proud to say that our finished products are as good as new. We do this to make sure that our customers get the value out of their money. We can guarantee a smooth and remarkable experience with us from the time of your inquiry until our professional workers are cleaning up on the work area when their job is done.

Durable Bathtub Repair to Last for Longer Time

We stand by our work and because you are a valued customer we can give you 100% lifetime warranty. We do quality refinishing, reglazing and repair so you can maximize your tub and get the full value of your money and more. What we do does not give us the title of professionals; it is what we do beyond our promises that make us the most trusted team in this industry. Avoid using harsh materials or cleaning solutions on your tub as they may damage and deteriorate your tub quicker. For added credibility, we provide 100% lifetime warranty. Our refurbished bathtubs will last around up to one and a half decade. We guarantee to produce the best results across all the most commonly used materials for bathtubs. Our professional team is highly-trained to handle all kinds of surface including ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass, wood, plastic and Formica. Talk to Us, We Can Help You!

Our accommodating sales team will readily make an appointment with you and provide you with an accurate quote based on your requirements. Don’t get tricked about getting a costly renovation when all you need is a bathtub refinishing for the same results and less spending. No use stalling and putting off tomorrow the elegant bathroom you can have today.

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