Countertop Refinishing

If you’ve ever contacted a contractor, you are likely aware of the fact that kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are the costliest to perform. Reasons for this include plumbing and piping work, removing and replacing dated pipes, faucets, drains, and sinks, and otherwise updating the space into the “21st Century.” With this in mind, you might be turned off at the idea of remodeling your kitchen if you have dated kitchen counters you are tired of. However, refinishing your kitchen counters is a simple solution to reviving the kitchen, doing so in a fraction of the time it would take to replace them, and for 35-50% (sometimes higher) discount, than the price you would pay to remove and replace the dated counters.

What does countertop refinishing entail? 
When having your countertops refinished, the process is quite simple. Contractors will:
  • Measure the area of the current countertops
  • Present you with different finishes (of varying colors, textures, and finishes)
  • Apply a durable, acrylic coating over the existing countertop
  • Finish the counters and allow them to set & dry
The process is quite simple. Rather than removing the old counter, only to re-measure the space, and install new countertop, with countertop refinishing services, the contractors are simply going to “spray” the new countertop, right on top of the ones you currently have in your kitchen.
Why is this a beneficial choice when you want to update your kitchen?
In addition to requiring far less time to install (typically 2-3 days max to refinish the counters), it is a great way to save on the cost of new countertops. The acrylic finish material will go directly on top of the current countertops you have in the kitchen. The materials are sturdy/durable, well-made, and they mimic the materials you want to have in your kitchen (marble, granite, stone, etc.).
Refinishing countertops is much cheaper for homeowners to do. It runs anywhere between 35-50% less than installing new countertops, and for some custom-kitchen spaces, can result in even higher savings. Contractors will also present homeowners with endless options to choose from. So, if you are looking for a specific grain/finish, texture, color, or design pattern, there are several from which you can choose when you hire the right company to perform the countertop refinishing project in your home.
Are the refinished countertops durable?
You might be wondering if they are durable since they are cheaper, and don’t take long to refinish. The answer is yes. The countertops are reglazed with extremely thick acrylic material finish, which is sprayed directly onto the countertops you currently have in your kitchen. Recent technological advances have further enhanced the durability and strength of these new resurfacing products, meaning they will last in your kitchen for several years to come. No matter what type of prep-work you do in your kitchen, or whether you are a gourmet chef (or make TV-dinners every night), your new countertops are built to last and built to stand out in any kitchen space.
Can you refinish any counter space?
Typically, the answer is yes. Whether you have granite, acrylic, stone-finishes, marble, laminate, or other materials, the sturdy acrylic countertops can be applied on top of the countertops which are currently in place in your kitchen. And, in custom kitchen spaces, which have drop-counters and sinks, or other detail-finishes throughout, the refinished countertops can also be conformed to fit into those spaces and work into any kitchen space perfectly. And, you can’t see where the new counters are placed, so you won’t see gaps or spacing once your new countertops are refinished on the current countertops.
If you have been putting off a remodeling project because of a low budget, the answer to your problems when remodeling the kitchen is to consider countertop refinishing, as opposed to replacing the dated counters. It looks just as good as new countertops, it is just as sturdy, they are durable, and they are going to require much less time to install in your kitchen. And, for those who are really on a strict budget, 50% savings in comparison to replacing dated countertops, is obviously something you will welcome with open arms when upgrading your kitchen space.

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