Ceramic Tile Refinishing

Do you have damaged and unsightly tiles in your bathroom or kitchen? Are you looking to replace your damaged ceramic tiles? If you are trying to enhance your bathroom or kitchen tile without spending a fortune, then you should consider tile refinishing. Ceramic tile refinishing is an affordable and efficient way to transform the appearance of your tile countertops, walls as well as vanities.

What does the process of ceramic tile refinishing involve?

We have a highly experienced team of qualified experts who can restore your damaged ceramic tile to its original beauty. We can refinish the ceramic tiles on your vanities, walls, counters, and countertops, using unique color combinations to enhance their overall look. Unlike simply painting the damaged tiles, our unique method guarantees a long-lasting glossy surface. The first procedure usually involves a thorough cleaning of the tile surface. The cleaning formula is intended to remove oils, soap film, grease, dirt as well as other stubborn debris from your tile to create a clean and smooth surface to work on. Next, we use our state-of-the-art ceramic tile refinishing process to create a unique and glossy finish on your fixtures.Typically, this process creates an excellent texture that allows the tile to grip the new glaze more effectively. Once the ceramic tile is cleaned and sanded, we either replace or repair the damaged caulking between the tile and the tub to ensure you have a sparkling, smooth, water-tight and cohesive coating.

It is imperative to note that our unique tile refinishing process is what sets us apart. This is a highly innovative process that involves tidying up the original surface and expertly correcting all the blemishes caused by either burns or knife cuts before applying a special and efficient bonding agent which enhances the bonding characteristics of the new surface. After ensuring that the new surface is compact, we then apply an eye-catching multi-color stone finish to achieve the desired look. With a broad range beautiful colors, to choose from, your refinished ceramic tile will have an attractive look and feel you have always craved for. On most occasions, this entire process lasts between two to three days which is relatively shorter compared to the traditional replacement procedure. Thanks to the versatility offered by our innovative tile refinishing process, the method cannot only be applied to your damaged tile, fiberglass but on cultured marble and old laminate surfaces as well.

What are the potential benefits of ceramic tile refinishing?

There are many reasons why homeowners should consider tile refinishing. It is a cost-efficient alternative to replacing the damaged, worn out or outdated ceramic tile. Our highly experienced team of experts can restore your damaged ceramic tiles to their original brilliance, saving you significant sums of money in the process as well. Still not convinced if ceramic tile refinishing is right for you? Check out below for some of the reasons why you should seriously consider it.

  • It guarantees the much-needed durability: One of the strongest attributes of our sophisticated tile refinishing procedure is the durability it offers. This is because it is a highly innovative process that involves a seven-step spray application that gives your surface a long-lasting refinished surface that is not only scratch resistant, non-porous, but heat resistant as well. What’s more, in the unlikely event that your refinished fixture gets damaged, it can be repaired or fixed with ease. Typically, a tile bathroom or kitchen refinished by us can potentially last up to ten to twenty years, provided you maintain it properly. It is highly recommended that you should not use abrasive or bleaching cleaners. All the fixtures refinished by us are usually easy to clean.
  • It will save you both time and money: Research has shown that ceramic tile refinishing can potentially save homeowners up 50% of the total cost of replacement. When you combine this with the disruption and the hassle associated with traditional remodeling procedures, tile refinishing becomes a sensible, cost-effective alternative.
  • The process is reasonably fast: Arguably, your bathroom and kitchen are usually the busiest areas in your house. This implies that when there is any repair problem, you would want it solved immediately. The traditional remodeling procedures typically last for days or even weeks, a phenomenon that would undoubtedly jeopardize your daily operations. However, thanks to our innovative ceramic tile refinishing method, we can refinish your tiles in one day, leaving your fixtures mess free and sparkling. Simply put, there is no demolition involved, and this makes the process easier, quicker and less messy as opposed to the conventional tile replacement.
  • Refinishing is eco-friendly: Refinishing is a great way to recycle. In today’s society, everyone is striving to go green. By refinishing your tile countertop, kitchen or bathroom, you are playing a significant role in protecting our environment.
  • It offers extensive style possibilities: Aesthetics are a critical component of both kitchen and bathroom ceramic tile refinishing. Ceramic tiles are highly versatile and customizable, and you can always choose the perfect color combination to complement the beauty of your house.

The Bottom Line:

You have every reason to consider ceramic tile refinishing. It is not only a cost-effective procedure but offers durability and is eco-friendly as well. Due to the sensitivity of the process, it should only be conducted by a highly qualified, experienced and professional tile refinisher.

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