Refinished Bathtub by Tub Team Buffalo NYIf you are searching for an expert to help you with a bathtub refinishing job, our expert technicians at the Tub Team can restore your sink, shower or bath to its original glory. When you reach out, our experts will arrive at your home to refinish and restore even the most difficult-to-clean, damaged, or worn tub or shower. You need not settle for the original color if your tastes have changed; the experts at the Tub Team can coat it a-new with reglazing techniques that cost less than replacing an entire tub or shower.

Restoring an existing structure saves thousands compared to demolishing or replacing. It also cuts down on the time it takes. In fact, the average cost for removing and replacing an older tub runs $3,100 according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), indicative of the cost savings associated with restoration.

No matter the situation in which you find yourself, contact the Tub Team for an assessment and professional cost estimate.

Why you should refinish:

•    Extend the lifespan, as well as the lifespan of the tile and countertops, by an average of 15 years.
•    Circumvents the mess associated with a demolition and remodeling job.
•    Takes a matter of days to update the color and aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.
•    Completed by highly trained, licensed professionals who guarantee top quality and customer satisfaction.

Reglazed TubCommon Problems the Tub Team can solve:

•    Cracks in the fiberglass that result in leaks
•    Cracks in tile seams that result in the collection of germs
•    Damage from chips or cracks in your tile
•    Moldy grout
•    Stained or discolored showers or tubs
•    Leaking tile shower pans
•    Leaking terrazzo
•    Outdated finishes and colors
•    Slippery surfaces
•    Tubs or showers unsafe for the elderly or mobility impaired
•    Tubs that would cost too much to renovate

What is involved in restoration?

When you restore your tub, the bathtub is cleaned first and foremost to remove any mineral deposits, soap scum, or oils. The tub, once completely clean, is repaired of any cracks or chips.
Following this, a proprietary bonding material is used to cultivate a bond between the original surface and the new finish. The final step involves the application of an acrylic coating is sprayed onto the surface to restore your acrylic, cultured marble, fiberglass and/or porcelain bathtubs.

What does the finished product look like?

Resurfaced BathtubOnce the resurfacing process is complete, the tub is buffed and polished so that it looks like new. This process leaves a smooth finish with a deep, beautiful glossy exterior. The proprietary process used for this process makes it so that no one can tell the difference between a new tub and your newly refinished tub. The experts at the Tub Team pride themselves on offering this top quality process at a reasonable cost.

How long does the refinished last?

After the specialists at the Tub Team refinish your tub, it extends the lifespan of the product by an average of 10 to 15 years.

It is important to conduct regular maintenance on the tub after it has been refinished so as to expand its lifespan. Using environmentally friendly cleansers is a great way to avoid harsh and abrasive damage to the newly refinished tub.

Call the Tub Team today to start planning your tub reglazing project, and to start saving thousands.

With the Tub Team, you can save as much as 75% on the cost of replacing a tub.

So if you want an assessment and are thinking of refinishing your tub, contact the experts at the Tub Team today!

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