Why You Should Consider Bathroom Sink Refinishing

Renovating your bathroom is one of the best ways of brightening up and adding value to your home. However, installing a new bathroom sink and replacing your old sink may be very expensive. Rather than opting for a complete replacement, a professional home improvement contractor can give you a new bathroom for less by re-glazing or refinishing your bathroom sink. Most people may ask, “why should I get my bathroom sink refinished rather than replace it entirely?”

One of the key benefits of refinishing rather than replacing is the savings in costs. If the work is done by an expert, then your sink will look as good as new. An average person can save up to 70 0r 80% over the costs of replacement. Depending on your location, the savings may even be higher.

Other benefits of bathroom sink refinishing:

  • It saves time – bathroom sink refinishing takes a very short time. Professionals can work on your sink and you can use it the next day. However, replacing the sink completely may take longer especially when you consider there is ripping out the old sink, installing a new one, plumbing tasks, cleaning the mess and maybe replacing the tiles. Refinishing may take 3 hrs to 6 hrs, depending on the current condition of the sink.
  • Refinished bathroom sinks last longer – re-glazed or refinished sinks have the benefit of standing the test of time. When professionals do the work, your sink can last up to 15 years. Moreover, with refinishing, small cracks and chips can be repaired thus making you enjoy your bathroom sink even more
  • You can choose the color you desire – The benefit of picking the colors of their choice has become very attractive for people who want a different look without breaking the bank. If your home wasn’t custom built, then chances are that you may not like the existing color of your bathroom sink. The beauty of refinishing is that home improvement professionals can match the color of your choice. This means that you won’t have to live with ugly colors you don’t like. Your bathroom sink will look amazing without making you go broke.

The Need For Bathroom Sink Refinishing

No matter how thorough or how well you clean your bathroom sink, the sad truth is, over time, the sink will start showing its age. Colors become outdated, finishes fade, the sink becomes tarnished, and shows signs of wear and tear, taking away the appearance and value of your bathroom. And while you may be tempted to entirely replace the sink, this can be a costly option for you. This is where the best bathroom remodeling and refinishing contractors come in. Rather than taking out your existing sink, these professionals will simply re-do or refinish the surface. This means that you won’t have to pay more to get a new sink installed. If the renovating contractor deems your bathroom sink a good candidate for refinishing, you will achieve a new looking sink and save on the troubles that come with a replacement. Surely, why replace while you can achieve better results with refinishing?

The Process Of Bathroom Sink Refinishing

Even though refinishing may work slightly different depending on the condition of the sink, the basic process is the same. The bathroom sink refinishing specialist with first work on removing the drain cover and make any required repairs such as cracks and chips. He will then clean and properly prepare the surface. He will then apply the primer of your choice followed by the application of the final finish of your choice. You can choose the texture and even the color of your sink surface to get a new and bright look while keeping the structure intact.

Get It Done By The Experts!

To achieve the best results, your bathroom sink refinishing project should be handled by a professional. An expert has the required experience in restoring, resurfacing and refinishing existing counters and sinks. A reputable contractor will also be licensed and insured, to make sure that you are protected all through your refinishing project. A professional guarantees quality work and the work is done in a timely manner. What’s more is that these professionals have the equipment and tools required to give your bathroom sink a smooth surface and a new look appearance.

Refinishing is an efficient, affordable and effective alternative to replacing your bathroom sink. If you want a new look for your bathroom sink, we are here to help you with your refinishing needs.

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